Modular Bridging System

RBSL’s Modular Bridging System (previously known as BR90) is used by soldiers to rapidly cross and restore vital lifelines and military routes. It can also be used to replace civilian infrastructure in combat and peacetime disaster relief.

The Modular Bridging System includes a full range of bridges, equipment, and launch/recovery vehicles that can be used in various combinations to offer a bespoke and rapid gap-crossing capability for both wheeled and tracked vehicles.  

Used by the British and Malaysian Armies, the Modular Bridging System is the most flexible and rapidly deployable military gap-crossing capability in the world. The system is light enough to be transported by air and lifted by helicopter, yet the bridge panels are strong enough to withstand the weight of Main Battle Tanks such as Challenger 2.

The overall Modular Bridging System is made up of two subsystems: the Close Support Bridge (CSB) and General Support Bridge (GSB).  

The CSB is a rapid system for use in direct fire zones and can be launched or recovered from under armour in less than two minutes by the Titan armoured bridge-laying vehicle.  

The GSB system is for indirect fire zones, which provides soldiers with tactical support on the battlefield.

Launch and support vehicles

The Modular Bridging System is deployed, recovered and fully supported by a range of vehicles, all designed and built by RBSL: 

• Automotive Bridge Launching Equipment (ABLE)
• Tank Bridge Transporter (TBT)
• Bridging Vehicle (BV)
• Titan armoured bridge launcher

Bridge Test Facility

During its lifetime, each bridging system is designed to typically withstand 10,000 crossings in its worst-case load condition in extreme military environments.

RBSL operates a specialist Bridge Test Facility at our Telford site, which allows us to perform both dynamic and static tests on our bridges to ensure levels of safety and performance. This facility is the only one of its kind in Europe and one of only two worldwide.

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