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RBSL and Rheinmetall award £2m MIV supplier contract to AeroGlow International in Salisbury

AeroGlow International has been awarded a contract, worth £2m, to supply bespoke HaLO Vehicle Emergency Lighting Systems (VELS) for the British Army’s Boxer vehicles under the Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) programme.

AeroGlow International, based in Salisbury, will deliver the latest Hatch Lighting and Orientation (HaLO) system for 275 vehicles, with deliveries commencing in 2021 and running through to 2031.

The British Army will receive a bespoke version of the HaLO Vehicle Emergency Lighting System, which will be an important safety feature for Boxer. If an armoured vehicle suffers a traumatic event such as blast damage, roll over or water ingress, the lighting provides an essential escape route for soldiers.

The contract will sustain jobs at AeroGlow’s site in Salisbury and lead recruitment for additional roles over the course of the programme. This includes a technical apprentice who will develop the skills to specialise in systems engineering. The supply chain for the HaLO system is also exclusively UK-based.

Keith White, Business Development Director for AeroGlow International, said:

“We are delighted that the latest version of HaLO, featuring our Capacitor Pack power supply has been chosen by Rheinmetall and RBSL for the Boxer platform. With the contract set to run for 10 years, this ensures the employment of our staff and our suppliers’ staff for the long term.

“AeroGlow International looks forward to providing the egress lighting systems, recognised as safety critical by both our customers and the end user. Having HaLO fitted to Boxer and other UK MOD core vehicle programmes will ensure the mitigation of drowning and egress risks for British military personnel for the foreseeable future”. 

The HaLO Vehicle Emergency Lighting System

HaLO’s features include:

• Integrated, sealed-for-life capacitor pack – so it doesn’t rely on vehicle power in an emergency

• Water, blast and roll-over sensors

• Blast, vibration, water and dust proof

• Proven to 30ft water depth

• Resistant to extreme temperatures, from -46 to +70°C

HaLO uses an LED lighting system, as opposed to photo-luminescent and glint tape, and is proven in the field having been used on a wide variety of operations in the most demanding theatres.

HaLO is also highly adaptable. As every vehicle is different, the HaLO system can be configured to suit bespoke requirements, such as Boxer.

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