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RBSL Awards Subcontract to Huber+Suhner for Cable Harnesses on Boxer MIV

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A multi-million-pound subcontract has been awarded to HUBER+SUHNER, to supply radio frequency and low frequency cable harnesses for the British Army’s Boxer MIV Programme.

The contract ensures the Boxer vehicles will be equipped with cable harnesses that will provide safe, reliable and mission-critical operation for British Army Boxer crews.

With a global presence across 80 countries, HUBER+SUHNER will carry out the work at its Oxfordshire and Staffordshire facilities, to ensure UK skilled manufacturing roles for the Boxer programme.

The contract will also support growth, including recruitment of additional roles in engineering and operations, with further recruitment planned over the coming years.

HUBER+SUHNER will deliver the first batch of cables in Q3 2023, providing a range of common electrical parts, as well as cables specific to meet the UK MOD’s most stringent performance requirements.

Reto Bolt, Chief Operating Officer for the industry segment of HUBER+SUHNER, said:

“We are very proud to be playing an integral role in this project. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities in cable connectivity over the past 50 years has been the core of our success.

“The Boxer UK contract will help us expand capacities and resources at our UK facilities over the next eight years to support this project, generating both an upskilled workforce and additional UK manufacturing positions.”

Colin McClean, Managing Director at RBSL added:

“This contract is the latest in a series of UK supplier contracts awarded by RBSL for Boxer, ensuring the programme benefits from the best of British engineering and manufacturing whilst also sustaining valuable skills across the country.

“We are very pleased to welcome HUBER+SUHNER to the team and we look forward to working with them as the programme progresses.”

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